Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End of the semester craziness.

It's that time of year when homework, tests, and papers all hit at once. I've been a touch lackadaisical about school, relatively speaking at least, and now I'm feeling a bit stressed. It's somewhat irrational since I'm pretty sure these grades won't matter to anyone but me, ever. Even if I made a B in every class, it still wouldn't jeopardize my future. I'm into grad school and funded, and in my more rational moments I remind myself that one non-stellar semester won't cause those offers to be rescinded. Still, the prospect of doing poorly is preying on my mind.

It doesn't help that I never fully got into the swing of school this semester. First, there was the snow. We got a couple of big storms, and the Southern U.S. doesn't do well with snow. Even a couple of inches is enough to keep most people off the roads and snow plows are quite uncommon so when we had a few days in a row when it snowed pretty much continuously or when another storm dumped a foot and a half in one day, you can imagine the results. My university was closed amost as much as it was open for the first few weeks of the semester. After that came the grad school interviews/visits, which involved missing lots of classes and having almost no time on weekends to get things done for several weeks in a row. Throw in a bit of senioritis, and it hasn't been the most productive time of my life.