Thursday, June 19, 2008

TFA Institute Week Two finances so far.

So far this week I've spent a mere 75 cents. Unfortunately, that's only because the insane hours call for spending on caffeinated beverages and nothing else. I managed to be an almost effective teacher on five hours of sleep a night so it was clearly time to try it on two and a half. What do you do when you're giving absolutely everything you have to give right now and it isn't enough? I'm hoping tomorrow will be a little better and then I'll have a weekend to get caught up and regroup.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what teaching is like. Caffeine, not enough sleep, not spending money because you haven't been anywhere but school and home. That means I am able to put a good percentage of my salary into savings and investment, actually...and summer is when I can make up for all the weekends spent grading papers and catching up on sleep instead of going out. So I don't regret it!
(I never teach summer school, though sometimes I do work summers. I only take fun summer jobs, though!)