Thursday, August 14, 2008

Miscellaneous updates

Well, I finally have internet access at home, sort of. The modem arrived today, but my laptop won't connect to the network now that we've set up WEP encryption (maybe a linux issue?). Worse yet, my desktop chose today to go berserk. After a couple of system restores, it is somewhat functional, but whenever I attempt to enable the wireless, it reboots itself instead. Fortunately, my roommate is willing to let me make use of her ancient desktop until I get these issues ironed out. If there are any techies out there with brilliant suggestions, please do drop me a line.

On a more positive note, I'm officially employed now, which is really nice considering the students start school on Monday. My gross salary is $34,000 a year. Naturally, the first thing I did once I had internet was head to the IRS site to scope out the 1040EZ form and estimate how much I'm likely to pay in federal income tax. The number is far less than I'd imagined. I'm a bit too sleepy to deal with the more involved form for calculating my state tax liability tonight.


sara l said...

Congratz on the official employment. Even when you know it's going to happen it's a good feeling to sign the paperwork.

Zombie Money said...