Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I once again resent my budget.

I have $7.91 to last me until Friday afternoon, a need for modeling clay for tomorrow's lab, and a bad case of the I wants. I knew that spending over the weekend meant a leaner week, but I'm feeling very grumbley about not getting to buy a school mascot hoodie now that the weather has turned cold and rainy, to go out to dinner on Thursday, to grab a few more groceries that aren't strictly necessary.

I can do this. I should do this. $100 a week should be plenty to cover groceries, household and personal items, gasoline, and fun if I just prioritize correctly. Self discipline is good. Houses are nice. Being able to send hypothetical future kids to college is important to me. Everything has an opportunity cost. Tell me to snap out of it and just be more careful next week.


Sallie's Niece said...

Snap out of it! I think you can make your own clay. And I just donated two old college sweatshirts (very lightly worn) to Goodwill so you should be able to find one at a thrift shop. Good luck and keep your goals in sight!

E.C. said...

Thanks, I needed that. Sadly the spirit shirt is for the high school where I teach so the used options may be less plentiful, but that's a good idea.

Frugal Scholar said...

EC--Maybe you need to re-think your budget a bit and allow yourself more fun. You have no doubt been thrilled to discover that modeling clay is only about $1.00.

Those "spirit shirts" are always overpriced, so it's lucky that I've never had school spirit myself!

Anonymous said...

We now have "Red and Gold Fridays" at my school, and we are ALL supposed to wear the school colors on Fridays. My school hoodie is gray with the school name in red and gold, and it is too warm to wear all day. The DECA club was selling red and gold striped rugby shirts as a fund-raiser.
$55! $55! Plus an additional $7 for the personalization on the back. Yikes!
I used to teach at a school with red and black as school colors. I could wear school colors all week without doing laundry. My next school GAVE me a shirt in the school colors when I was hired. Very convenient. I love my current school, it is just on the expensive side!