Friday, August 24, 2007

Grocery shopping for entertainment/procrastination

Tonight, in an effort to further delay writing a personal statement for a workshop on applying to graduate programs and fellowships, I went shopping. Much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes enjoy browsing in stores. That, however, creates the dangerous temptation to spend money on impulse. Grocery shopping feels slightly more virtuous; I have to eat, right? I have all of these cabinets just begging to be filled, and meal planning will be much easier once I have more staples on hand. I'm still in good shape when it comes to fruit, vegetables, milk, and some frozen foods since I've been eating lots of the free pizza as my main dish. (I'm quite glad to have finally eaten the last piece tonight since I was getting sick of it.)

Tonight I went on a pantry stocking mission. I got three cans of fat free refried beans, two pounds of brown rice, tortillas, and taco sauce for making burritos. I bought parmesan cheese to go with my favorite quick dinner of cheese ravioli and tomato sauce which I already have on hand. I got a big container of oatmeal and some brown sugar for very inexpensive breakfasts. I got onion powder and garlic powder since they improve so many dishes. I got a box of my favorite macaroni and cheese for a day when I need comfort food. I indulged in dried apples and dried cranberries to encourage myself to eat more fruit. I got jello, instant chocolate pudding mix, and two multipacks of sugarless gum since I've been feeling very deprived without desserts. I also bought four packages of ramen noodles since I do genuinely like them even though I wouldn't want to live on them. The grand total was $21.10 with tax. I think I did pretty well, but if anyone has suggestions for frugal meals for the next shopping trip, please let me know.

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