Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Getting paid is nice

Today was my second tutoring session. My student is paying me $10 an hour. After I asked her if that sounded reasonable, she said she'd paid $20 an hour for calculus help last semester so this probably could have been more lucrative, but trying to explain basic mechanics is so enjoyable that I don't mind. It looks like I might make ten to twenty bucks a week for several weeks, or perhaps the rest of the semester. This really takes a bit of strain off of my finances. It might be possible to save this semester instead of merely breaking even.

On the other hand, it might be sensible to allocate some portion of this unexpected windfall to frivolous spending. StoryGirl's post on what she calls "The Chocolate Croissant Effect" is a charming and insightful commentary on small indulgences. It's important to find a balance between working toward far-off goals and enjoying some of the rewards of your effort now. I know that I'd take a certain satisfaction in seeing my savings account balance grow or buying another I-Bond, but sometimes a scoop of frozen yogurt, some really great bread, or a pretty lipgloss is nice too.

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