Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quantum mechanics might just kill me.

Ok, perhaps it isn't as bad as all that, but so far intro to quantum hasn't been pleasant. I'll probably have to lean more on the proposed study group. Clearly, the expectation value for momentum has to be real, but despite my best efforts and lots of time, I have an i that persists in one of the homework problems.

I've purchased an additional book in the hopes that Griffiths will help me through the points when I'm confused by Liboff. A classmate said he has the solutions for Griffiths so that should serve as a collection of worked examples. I'm hoping the cost of the extra textbook is something my scholarship will cover and have submitted a requisition for reimbursement, but if it isn't $24.83 seems like a small price to pay for potentially learning more in a difficult class. (Side rant: If they can sell international editions so cheaply, why don't they use cheaper production methods for books sold here as well and not charge and arm and a leg?)

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