Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I've devised a simple way of tracking spending to accompany my simple non-budget. I'm setting a starting balance of $985.81 and then noting the amount of each transaction, the nature of the purchase or inflow, and the difference or sum so I have a running total of what I have left for the month. If I can avoid hitting zero before October 4, then September will have been a financial success. Once I get the "personal escrow" fund going I'll track its total in a similar fashion.

My bedroom door has a full length mirror; naturally, I decided the best use of the space was as a writing surface. All I needed were a couple of wet-erase markers left over from this summer, and voila! Tracking where I can't help but see it several times a day. I think I might also tape up a picture of a nice house in the woods as a reminder of why I bother.


Gypsie said...

For tracking expenses done by any card (credit or debit) and accounts, check out

I am a huge fan!

Craig said...

Keeping track of your expenses is a great way to help yourself budget. Mint is a great tool. Can be complex at times for people's needs. Check out as well

Revanche said...

I've been doing the same, only using Google Spreadsheets, this month. I like the mirror idea, except I never look in my mirror! (Bad idea, probably, and likely explains my hair.)

asara said...
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