Friday, December 5, 2008

The damage

It sounds like the total cost for the repairs to my car is going to be slightly under $400. Jasmine contacted her insurance so the police were able to find her, and I talked to a claims person on the phone today. Other than that, there isn't much to report. I still hurt.

My father is now trying to figure out what he should get to replace his poor Mazda Protege. He's been considering a small Toyota pick-up, and my mother called car dealerships to start checking out prices so while I was home we were getting calls from salesmen about every two hours. They're getting desperate, I guess, so someone who's prepared to pay cash for a brand new vehicle is a very hot prospect. My dad thinks a Toyota would be a practical choice, and, while buying new may not be the single greatest idea in the world, he's an obsessive car guy, mechanical engineer, and former Navy mechanic who would probably maintain it and drive it for a couple of decades.

What he really wants to get, however, is a Model A coupe. (I'm hoping he goes for it.) He argues that once he gets his '66 Shelby GT 350 running enough that he can move it into and out of the garage easily he can focus on fixing up the '55 Chevy and use that on days when he wouldn't want to commute in the Model A. My mother will be aghast at the idea, but I don't think he cares much.

At no point did I claim to come from a normal family.

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