Thursday, December 11, 2008

In non-financial news...

Quite to my surprise, I've somehow ended up with a new beau. It still doesn't make sense to date someone who lives 300 miles away, but he's kind, funny, charming, and delightfully insane. Thus I now have someone with whom to get sushi, take long walks, browse bookstores, and watch old episodes of Star Trek on the weekends I go home and the promise of more emails and phone calls while I'm here. So I'm willing to see where this leads.

It also doesn't hurt that he seems fairly financially sane, brokish, but with a plan in place so he won't be that way for long. I doubt he has much in savings, but he has no debts. He was until recently living just barely within his means, but he was pulling it off with a very careful budget. Now that he's living in a cheaper apartment with a roommate, he's taking $100 a week in cash to use for all expenses besides his share of rent ($162.50 a month for a somewhat crummy but not that terrible apartment) and utilities and finding that to be the height of luxury.

He knows what I earn, which is more than he makes as an apprentice electrician, but possibly less than he'll get once he gets his journeyman's license. I've told him about my savings goals while I'm here, my struggles with my job, my dreams of grad school, and my uncertainty about my future plans. It's a trifle bizarre to let my guard down about these things this soon, but I guess a relationship founded in years of prior friendship engenders a certain degree of openness. On the other hand, while he's one of the handful of people I know in real life who're aware I dabble in personal finance blogging, there's no way I'm letting him read Not Living on Ramen just yet!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! 300 miles is bad, but not awful. And 162.50 a month? Wow! You couldn't rent a spot under the freeway for that price here.

Have fun!

Sallie's Niece said...

How exciting, enjoy!