Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Darn it.

Lately I began writing to an old friend with whom I lost touch for a couple of years, and his ridiculously bizarre, goofy, wonderful emails have given me a reason to get out of bed on a couple of truly lousy days lately. Tonight I was perusing his myspace page and found that he's posted about the struggle to afford to go out and have fun and still fund his IRA. How cool is that?

I don't need to have a crush on anyone right now. I can barely find the time to compose a decent email daily so a relationship is out of the question. As emotionally wrecked as I am right now, it wouldn't be healthy either. He also lives five hours away. And even if none of those things were considerations, I'd feel weird about pursuing someone I repeatedly rejected in high school. Unfortunately, it seems that a couple of mildly flirtatious emails plus evidence of some financial awareness is all it takes to pique my interest these days.


Revanche said...

Priorities: ability to amuse you, and financial awareness. Plus and plus! :) S'not a bad way to have a much-needed bright spot in your day, even if it doesn't come to anything.

plonkee said...

I'm all for flirting with unavailable people. At the moment I'm interested in one of my colleague who is gay, plus a friend/ex-boyfriend that I'd never in a million years go out with again.