Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random school updates.

I started the day with a student informing me that another student probably wouldn't be at school because his father had been shot and killed. I spent five hours at parent teacher conference night and saw eight parents, five of whom belong to kids I don't have for anything besides homeroom. During parent conference night, I got called down to the office and informed that I'll be taking over a different class of physical science kids starting Monday.

There was a mother who was angry about the grade her child received in another teacher's class, and rather than back that teacher the administration decided to give into the mother's demands and have another teacher (me) take over the honors section. Then the angry mother agreed to sleep on it. So Monday I may or may not be taking over the class. If the switch takes place, planning will be interesting because the other teacher started with the chemistry half of physical science and hasn't gotten to any of the physics standards yet even though we have a mere eight weeks of school remaining.

I'm getting officially observed tomorrow for my annual evaluation. (Eep!)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Keep your spirits up, and give it your all. School will be over soon for the year. When you are in a no win situation, focusing on the small victories may be all you can do.

Fabulously Broke said...

My mom is a teacher and I hate how some schools bend over backwards for angry parents when it is unjustified.

Even if the teacher was wrong, it is THEIR perception as a valued teaching professional that their child did not do a good job.


I hate how parents tell my mom "But WE are all in science-related fields, how can our son get a 65% in science!?"

My mom says it's usually because the kid does a half-assed job instead of giving it his all and it looked and felt like sloppy work.

Just because the parents are smart doesn't mean the kids are. Ugh.