Friday, November 2, 2007

October wrap-up

Spending and income were both abnormally high this month. I bought a present for my brother’s birthday, which is in November, and ordered Christmas presents for my parents. I also spent far too much on dining out, in part because I resolved to eat down my pantry and then got sick of everything I had on hand. The work on the physics standards was a one-time project. The interest earned on my savings will be far less for the next few months since my cd won’t pay interest until May.

Rent $410
Utilities $83.63 (electricity, water, landline phone, trash service)
Groceries $67.67
Dining Out $46.10
Personal $6.10 (grooming and hygiene)
Household $1.43
Miscellaneous $15.48 (transcripts and photocopies)
Gifts $85.02
Charity $1
Total Spent $716.34

$626.80 scholarship (1/5 of semester housing funds)
$54.83 interest earned by savings account
$110 tutoring
$91.32 work on the physics standards
$25 Amazon gift card from wisebread
$3 Pinecone Research
$0.01 found on the ground
Total Income $910.96

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