Monday, November 26, 2007

Zero cost chariatable giving

It's the time of year when many people's thoughts turn to helping the less fortunate. I'm still debating what the best use of my charitable giving budget is, but that doesn't mean I can't pitch in a few small ways in the meantime. Even if you truly have no extra money to spare, there are many ways you can contribute that cost you nothing.

My personal favorite is giving blood. I had some anemia issues and haven't been able to donate lately, but I look forward to visiting the bloodcenter soon. There's something really rewarding about the thought that you could be helping save a life. If you're really into the frugality aspect of your giving, there's the additional bonus of blood drive t-shirts and the occasional free meal.

The internet opened new avenues for charities to raise funds. Ad revenue makes it possible for websites to offer a donation for every click they receive. The Hungersite has been in existence for several years and provides 1.1 cups of food for every visitor. Sister sites The Child Health Site, The Rain Forest Site, The Literacy Site, and The Animal Rescue Site, and The Breast Cancer Site operate on a similar model. is great. It's a nifty vocabulary quiz that provides 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. The quiz self-adjusting so it provides the correct level of challenge for just about anyone. It's a great way to prep for standardized tests as well as help others. My brother showed it to me during Thanksgiving break, and I'm slightly addicted now. (One of these days I have to score higher than level 46; I just have to.)


Amy said...

another is

It uses Yahoo search (and I'm addited to my google toolbar) so I haven't used it much, but they give 1 penny per search to the registered charity you select. My local elementary school is listed, so I've been trying to use it off-and-on, to give the PTA a little boost.

Amy said...

Also, for those who drink Coke voraciously, like my boyfriend: you can donate your Coke Points to Toys for Tots through Coke's site.