Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas shopping complete and under budget

After much hunting and debating, I finally settled on a gift for my brother. He's been complaining about the cheap kitchen knives he has, although I'm not sure why since he rarely cooks. He may not like the nifty new set I picked up at the warehouse club today, but he generally complains about the gifts I give him so I'm not going to worry too much about it. My dad will be getting the second season of The Rockford Files on dvd. By this point he's watched the reruns on tv enough that he pretty much has many of the episodes memorized, which drives my mother slightly crazy, but I have no problem with feeding his obsessive devotion. I got some wonderful, oh so soft, cozy, pima cotton flannel pajamas for my mother; I'm pretty sure she'd never have been willing to pay what I did for them, but if I can conceal their cost, she'll probably enjoy them. I've already set aside a few small things from the after Christmas sales last year to give to my friends so the grand total for gift spending this Christmas came in slightly under my $100 budget.

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