Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm rich! Ok, not really, but my scholarship checks arrived today, and I sure feel rich. This was the single biggest amount of money I've ever deposited in the bank. Some of it is earmarked for savings, and the rest has to last through the end of the semester. I've got bills to pay.

Do you remember what I said about how feeling rich is dangerous for me? Right after I went to the bank I walked to the city administrative office to pay my water bill, a trip that took me past many wonderful restaurants. Since I'd skipped lunch and eaten some none too filling junk from the vending machine instead, it took all of my willpower to avoid stopping in the bakery for a cookie and a glass of milk. Then I had to walk by my favorite restaurant on the planet and observe that today's soup happens to be absolutely fabulous. I steeled myself, paid my water bill, and walked back to my apartment, where I'm eating a pretty tasty sandwich as I type.

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Data Babble said...

Good decision in passing up the restaurant. These small financial decisions will pay off later in life.