Friday, February 22, 2008

PearBudget is dead! Long live PearBudget!

I've been bad; I quit tracking every penny of my spending a couple of months ago. The time has come to start keeping detailed records again, and the new laptop seemed like the perfect means to do so. Since I have OpenOffice, I thought I'd just pop over to PearBudget to download their lovely worksheet. It isn't fancy, but it does everything I want.

Alas, they don't seem to be offering it anymore. They are touting a new, improved, web-based PearBudget that will cost $3/month once it's out of beta. I hope it's great, it helps people take control of their finances, and the creators make a bundle, but I'm not interested in paying for advanced functionality I don't need.

I briefly considered switching to GNUCash, but I don't have this whole Linux thing figured out yet. Luckily, I have the old PearBudget on my desktop so I can just transfer the file to my new computer. The worksheet contains a message from Charlie Park, the creator, who encourages distributing it as long as you don't charge anything and give proper credit. The old PearBudget was simple, elegant, and oh so convenient. If you ever feel the desire to give it a try, just send me your email address and I'll pass it along.


Charlie Park said...

E.C. -

Hi there! I'm so glad you liked the PearBudget spreadsheet. We actually still do have it available ... just head over to and you can download it. (And it's still free!)

- Charlie

A said...

I messed around with GNU cash on my Mac but I could never get it to do what I wanted it to do.

I had the same problem with quicken and money as well. I like all of the info sitting there to identify trends as opposed to another register. (I keep my paper copy updated)

Thus, I'm using a modified PearBudget. The spreadsheet version does indeed rock.