Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Nonetheless, I'm learning that it's ok to shift food costs to others. Every semester there's a gathering of the recipients of the scholarship I'm on. Usually at these things I felt awkward about eating out in such nice places and ended up ordering one of the least expensive things on the menu because I just couldn't envision spending more than a week's grocery money on one meal, even if I didn't have to pay. Tonight I made the conscious effort to throw frugality out the window.

After all, how often in life do opportunities to get dressed up and eat lobster at the expense of dead rich people come along?


Blue said...

I love the way that TANSTAAFL sounds if you say it out loud. No one ever gets it, though. An unfortunate side effect of having been in Academic Decathlon - too much random, obscure knowledge and inside jokes that make you laugh but no one else gets.

Blue said...

Also, free dinners are the BOMB. I just wish I didn't have to get dressed up sometimes - my eating habits have been getting messier and messier since I got to college.