Friday, April 11, 2008

Someday I'll be sane again.

Then there will be talk of finances and life.

The thesis is looking quite thesis-like, a tight forty pages full of nifty equations, references, and graphs. It seems to actually contain data from which we can draw meaningful conclusions, which seemed like a lost cause last semester when I was redesigning the equipment instead of getting results. Now the end is in sight! However, I'm going to have to go sleep rather than finish the latest set of revisions and send it off to my adviser, which is not a good thing since it has to go to the committee tomorrow.

I get the feeling my adviser has been coddling me a bit these past couple of days. Apparently yesterday,despite my best efforts to feign cheery optimism while getting by on three hours of sleep and facing a thesis that was nowhere near complete, he thought I looked dangerously close to breaking. Now he keeps reassuring me that, yes, I will pass my defense and get to graduate, and reminding me to eat real food rather than trying to subsist on granola bars and diet soda.


Anonymous said...

You are almost there! Eat, sleep, and breath, you'll get through it

Ms. MiniDucky said...

You're so close! I'm rooting for you!

And yes, please eat real food :)

E.C. said...

It's in at last, and I celebrated by sleeping for fourteen hours straight. Now if I can just get caught up on everything else and live through my defense all will be good.

Thanks for the support!

Demi said...

Good words.