Monday, April 28, 2008

What can you do with partial money?

I was walking through a campus parking lot on my way to a pointless awards reception when I spotted a bill lying crumpled on the ground. Since hundreds of people pass through the lot every day and there was no one around who might have dropped money, there was little hope of locating the person who lost the greenback. "Neat, something a bit more useful than the three paperweights I'm about to receive," I thought to myself as I picked up the twenty. Then I unwadded it and discovered that I only had one fragment of the bill. Since I have over 2/3 of the bill, is it possible to spend it?


Mrs. Micah said...

I think if you have both serial numbers you can spend it. And if you don't, you can't. But you might want to try getting it replaced at a bank.

I have the lower corner of a $5 that I found in a book. The $5 is still spendable, but my corner isn't... :(

Jim ~ said...

As long as you have the full serial number in tact, you can take it to the bank and have it replaced. I took shreds of a twenty from a lawnmower into the bank all taped back together and they gave me a crisp new one. Good find!

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Yep, you can get it replaced. :)