Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody

I did indeed just get paid on Friday. Spending the evening lesson planning and compulsively checking my email every five minutes in the hopes that there's someone in the outside world who wants to contact me counts as frugal, right? Is it terrible that I wish I had somewhere to go and someone to go with, costs be darned?


asgreen said...

Sometimes it is good for the soul to get out. I feel you.

sara l said...

Sometimes it feels good to get out and be with someone.

But if it makes you feel better I was at a local campaign office entering data until almost midnight.

Anonymous said...

I spend weekends at home because it's cheap. It's hard and sometimes lonely.

E.C. said...

It isn't even that I so much mind the being in. If I were back home, there's maybe a five percent possibility that I'd be doing something spending on a given Saturday night. I'd probably be home watching Britcoms on PBS with my mom, or possibly playing board games with friends.

I think it was the combination of spending the entire day at ProSat doing teacher things and going home to do more teacher things in solitude that did me in. Next weekend, I'm planning to head across the river and watch the entire six hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with a friend from Institute so life should be a bit cheerier.