Saturday, October 4, 2008

These Christmas gifts brought to you by Bank of America

As I was flipping through the glossy alumni association magazine yesterday, I noticed a Bank of America ad touting new Alumni Association checking. I'm not about to be swayed by a debit card with a mascot on it, but the ad also promised $100 for new customers. A perusal of the fine print revealed that I need merely sign up for free checking by the end of October, make an opening deposit of $25, and wait 90 days.

Now, I have no desire to use Bank of America. They have a lovely reputation for inventing random fees, and based on my mother's experiences with my grandparents' accounts Bank of America's customer service isn't as good as that offered by my hometown bank, USAA, and HSBC. But, heck, I think I can deal with the minor hassle of opening and closing an account to get $100. Nowhere in the ad did it say that you had to actually be an alumnus or association member to get this deal so if you aren't a Bank of America customer and feel like making a quick $100 drop me an email and I'll send you the offer code.

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