Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I hope I have a job.

My district has, at long last, hired a new high school principal and superintendent. I heard about the new principal immediately after the school board voted thanks to a text message from somebody actually at the meeting, and a cheer went up at the table of TFAs having dinner at a Mexican restaurant, mainly because they hired someone from outside the district. That's about all we know about the guy at this point, but given the current state of our administration, that alone is cause for a little renewed optimism.

Now if only they'd get around to hiring some teachers. For a while, I quit worrying because my official observation and evaluation went pretty well. My assistant principal had a lot of praise for how much he thinks I've improved over the course of the year. He offered a couple of constructive suggestions as well, reiterated his desire to be supportive, and seemed genuinely surprised when I asked whether he intended to recommend me for contract renewal. Funny that he wouldn't understand why I was concerned when he was one of the administrators who told the entire faculty that we needed to "get it together or find other professions" (not quite as bad as when the superintendent/acting principal threatened to fire everyone, but still). The second years assured us all that the previous year nobody had gotten new contracts until the very end of the school year.

The end of the school year has come and gone, and there still aren't any contracts. Older teachers have said that sometimes the school mails contracts out during the summer and that there was one year when they didn't actually get around to hiring anyone until a couple of weeks after the new school year started. Apparently, they expect everyone to show up whether we formally have jobs or not. Somehow I do not find this particularly reassuring.


Jessie said...

wow - that would be super stressfull!!

Anonymous said...

My school mails out letters in the summer telling us our new step on the salary matrix and our new salary. This is essentially our re-hire letter. Most schools I have experience with don't say anything if they are re-hiring you, but they tell you by the end of the year if they aren't. I only ever had one school not renew my contract.

In my current school, the head of HR comes to the school in person in May or June to tell people if they are reassigned, not renewed, or if there are other major changes in their status. That hasn't happened to me (yet)!

I don't think you should worry about it at all, but if you are anything like me, my saying that won't prevent you from worrying!

E.C. said...

That actually is going to reduce my worry. One of the teachers at my school said they're supposed to notify anyone they aren't re-hiring by May 1, but I looked at that in the context of a school district that's supposed to teach science in elementary school but uses science block for extra math worksheets until after the state benchmark exams in math and literacy, except in the two grades where science is state tested.