Sunday, June 21, 2009

It sure would be nice to get paid.

Normally, I get a paycheck on the fourth and nineteenth of every month. The school had said they'd mail the summer paychecks since our salary is divided into twenty four increments. Then the day before the end of the year, word came down that they had decided not to mail the first of the June checks and to come pick them up instead. This presented no minor difficulty since I planned on being five hours away. My assistant principal called down to the central office to see if there was any way I could pick it up before I left, but no dice. Then one of our wonderful secretaries volunteered to send it on if I'd bring her a self-addressed stamped envelope, which I did. My June fourth paycheck has yet to arrive.

Thus, I guess I'm going to have to call on Monday and try to figure out what happened. I'm also not betting on my other paychecks actually making it parents' house either. I went to central office three times to try to change my address for the summer, and all three times the one person in the entire school district capable of inputting the information into the computer was out of the office. On the third try, I think one of the other ladies took pity on me; she told me to write down my new information and she'd be sure the correct person took care of it. At least if those paychecks get mailed to the wrong place, my roommate will let me know.

On the bright side, although it is somewhat frustrating and will probably be a hassle if the checks got lost in the mail, it's nice to have enough in savings that even waiting until August to get paid would be just a blip on my radar. I can't imagine how stressful this would be if I needed the money to make bill payments on time. Maybe I will go to direct deposit next year, but given my school's record for messing stuff up, I'm not all that keen on letting them have access to my bank account.


Frugal Scholar said...

Isn't frugality great? I have been experiencing this kind of "serenity" for a long while now. Seeing my colleagues and friends panic when reimbursement checks are delayed provides sufficient motivation to get that emergency fund going. One of my colleagues had a summer course not make, and this threw her into a panic (and further into debt). Not a pretty sight.

lindsey said...

I feel you on that- I've moved four times in two months and getting checks mailed to me is at best, a huge hassle. Plus I'm about to switch from full time work to contracted work where I only get paid monthly (next time will be in August)...and although I'm not the world's most frugal person at least I have a decent amount saved so I won't be totally desolate until then.

E.C. said...

Four moves in two months? That sounds stressful enough without money worries. I'm glad you've got enough to tide you over.

Dr. Sanford Aranoff said...

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