Sunday, September 27, 2009

My cards are on house arrest.

My debit card and credit card are going to stay locked up unless I have a good reason to use them, such as going to the ATM for my weekly allowance or paying a bill online. I guess they will get to travel with me, but in an envelope with a note across the seal reminding me not to use them unless there is a real emergency.

Either I'll end up planning more purposefully and making better use of the cash in my wallet, running out of money and having to say no more often, or breaking into my lockbox to increase my allowance. Obviously, I'm hoping for outcome one. If that isn't what happens, I'll have to monitor and adjust.


FB @ said...

Let us know if it works

I did that once, with a post-it across the top going: DO NOT USE ME

Seemed to do okay

E.C. said...

I'll definitely let you know. If it works out, I'll probably reintroduce them to my wallet, but only after I get into better habits. Maybe I'll steal your post it note idea or print out a picture of a nice cabin to remind me of the trade offs.