Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The downside of being a student

Posting is going to be light for the next two to two and a half weeks. I'll still be around, but not quite so much. I'd much rather do this than work on my thesis so I'd appreciate it if you yell at me or something if it looks like I'm spending too much time blogging. (Unless you want a bunch of blog posts on using lasers to study proteins.)


Anonymous said...

Well, once you finish writing the thesis, maybe one post on using lasers to study proteins. You can practice getting your explanation down to an "elevator talk" - for when you step into an elevator at a conference and you have until you get to the third floor (from the 12th floor) to explain your thesis.

Blue said...

Good luck with that! Sorry I haven't been around my blog lately - I've been superstressed with, well, life. Luckily it seems to be getting better, so I'll have a blog post up by the end of the afternoon, and the NY trip posts will be forthcoming. (I actually did a horrible job of keeping track of my spending, but I know I kept it under $1000, which was my ultimate goal.)

budgets are sexy said...

good luck with it!!! never done one myself, but i can imagine it's pretty time consuming.

at least you're doing something GREAT w/ your life :) ...besides your blog, of course.