Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring break

It's another exciting spring break. I've got a thesis to work on so I'm hanging around home and the university, not that I'd be doing anything much even if I didn't have to write this stupid thing. My sophomore year, I spent part of spring break at a conference that was hosted at my own university. The other years, I didn't go anywhere or do anything of note either. This has been my most expensive spring break ever, but that's thanks to Praxis tests and attending a wedding rather than leisure activities.

I'm not getting anywhere with writing my honors thesis. The very thought of it leaves me paralyzed with trepidation. My wonderful research advisor told me, "Summa is yours to lose." That was meant to be encouraging, but I absolutely hate that those around me would consider my graduating magna cum laude a mark of failure. Maybe I'll buy a bag of gummy worms and try offering myself one worm for every twenty minutes of diligence. I'm not above treating myself like a four year old and resorting to bribery to get this thing done.

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