Sunday, March 2, 2008


By this time tomorrow I should have my answer from Teach for America. For the past week or so, I've just wanted to get an answer, any answer, whatever they decide, and have either a really bad night or a really good night and then move on with planning for life after graduation. Now, I almost don't want to know.

I'm not sure which frightens me more, the possibility of rejection or of acceptance. I know that TFA is what I want to do, but I'm not so sure I'd be successful at fighting to end educational inequality. If I don't get in, then I have to hope that my back up plan was a good choice. In retrospect, I should have scheduled an earlier interview for the master's program so I could have an acceptance letter in hand before the TFA decision so I'd have the comfort of knowing that I was welcome somewhere. I don't think my university's program is likely to reject me, but I still have nagging irrational doubts.

My big goal for tomorrow is to get through the day without throwing up. Fortunately, I spent twelve hours in the lab yesterday so I should have plenty of mind-numbing data processing to keep me occupied.

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A said...

Hopefully you've heard the answer you wanted by now. You've got two great options available to get into teaching.

Master's programs are great, especially if you can get through them without the student loans. I envy that you still get to spend the days in the lab.

I miss doing that so much.