Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm seriously considering undoing some good decisions.

My resolve to scrimp is weakening. I know what the right actions are, but like all fallible humans, I don't always want to take the them.

My attempt to save money by switching prescription medications isn't working out too well. The drug I switched to isn't working as I'd hoped, and I think I'm going to give up and go back to my old medication, even though it will cost substantially more since it isn't available in a generic. I'd had high hopes, but there just isn't much point to staying on an ineffective medicine that's causing unpleasant side effects as well. When I called the doctor's office last week to get some test results and discuss switching back to my old medication, they told me I'll have to come in for a consultation before they'll write the prescription, which irks me a bit. My doctor would have happily written the prescription to continue with what I'd been on for the past two years if I hadn't suggested the switch during my physical in January.

I am also very tempted to buy a new dress to wear to my friends' wedding on the fifteenth. My friend S. who was going to lend me a dress was invited as well, and I know she would like to wear that dress. There's certainly something in my closet that wouldn't be wholly inappropriate, but it would be nice to look half-way pretty for once and most of the dressy things I own are rather boring and matronly, many actually hand-me-downs from my mom. Then the lovely Ms. MiniDucky pointed me toward a stunning dress, and I really want to waste $40 on it. Sometimes being good is hard.


Anonymous said...

if it's only $40, why not? just pick something multi-use and all-purpose (cute and neutral) that you can use many times with different jewelry, accessories, etc. and look totally pretty -- not just half pretty -- in.

don't settle for mom's hand-me-downs!

Mrs. Micah said...

The prescription thing sounds quite frustrating. Of course, every drug and person is different...that may unfortunately make you work best with the expensive one. Annoying, but better to buy that and have it work than to not have it work right.

As for the dress, is it something you can use often? Or have as a staple in your wardrobe for special occasions?

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Now that I've gone and tempted you with the splurge dress, I feel compelled to help you out with non-splurge options. I'll put together a post for you :)