Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big exciting plans for the 14th.

No, I won't be heading to the AAPT conference this weekend, although I'll probably be going to the summer one since my favorite professors/surrogate family keep urging me to come to Michigan with them. Instead, I'll be enjoying the wonders of the three day weekend back in my college town/ hometown.

There will be lunch out. I'm hoping we'll head to my favorite Mexican place, and not just because I can borrow a discount card from my mother to get one meal at half off when we buy another at full price. Odds are, we'll curl up on the couch in front of either The Wrath of Khan or something rented through Netflix. Then, we're going to do our taxes together.

Yep, last weekend we were discussing filing our tax returns and how we really ought to get to that sometime soon. He's never done his own since his lawyer mother has always volunteered in the past, but he's eager to do them himself on paper this year. I've done my parents' before, but I'm somewhat strangely happy to finally have my own W-2. Doing the taxes should be quite simple since neither of us has a financially complicated life yet.

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