Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exciting news on the car front.

No, I haven't bought a new car. I'm getting my old one back at spring break. My mom has been driving it since the start of December and is finally convinced it isn't going to fall apart. The transmission occasionally makes a loud clunk, but it's been doing that since we got it. It looks fairly cruddy, but if I can get a couple more years of reliable use from it and let my car fund keep accruing interest in the meantime, I'll be happy indeed.


Matt said...

Hi there,

I've been reading through your past entries and your blog is really entertaining, and really well-written!

It's good to see someone with a decent grasp of written English for a change - so refreshing.

I have many friends who are teachers here in Australia, and there is a lot of despair over the low income our teachers get paid in compensation for the effort and stress that goes into the job.

Australian teacher salaries probably vary from between $45K to $90K based on experience (Australian dollars). How would that compare to salaries in the US?

E.C. said...

Hello Matt,

You are much too kind. I tend to just ramble rather than carefully edit my blog posts so I greatly appreciate the reassurance that my English doesn't suffer too much in the process.

I make $34,000 U.S. (around $53,000 Australian) as a first year teacher with a B.S. Teachers with decades of experience and graduate degrees receive salaries approaching $50,000 in my district. However, the Mississippi Delta is an economically depressed area with a resultant low cost of living so the salaries here are lower than in major cities or on the coasts.