Thursday, February 5, 2009

My posting frequency drops precipitously whenever I find myself seriously considering quitting my job. I know leaving mid-year might well result in my kids learning nothing for the rest of the year so I need to find a way to make it through May. However, I suspect I won't be returning for a second year. My roommate keeps reminding me that these are my thoughts two days after getting caught in the middle of a fight that turned into a campus wide brawl and things might look brighter once we have new administrators. (Note: attempting to keep your student from getting jumped again by walking her to her mother's car at the end of the day is ineffective if the girl's mother and aunt are there ready to try to fight teenage girls themselves. It took lots of police to finally bring order. I'm slowly losing faith in humanity.)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Focus on the good, and accept that there will always be some bad. Both are everywhere, sometimes in the same places and the same people.

Anonymous said...

I just watched "To Sir, With Love" last night. It's in the same vein as Herbert Kohl's "36 Children." The main character in the movie wants to quit his teaching job, too. Please don't quit until you finish the year! The kids DO need you. But after that, think hard and make your choice.