Sunday, July 13, 2008

Greetings from the Delta!

After the five weeks of sheer exhaustion that is Teach for America institute I'm finally here! Well, sort of. We started orientation at a college campus today and won't be heading to our towns until Tuesday evening. I'll be sleeping on my air mattress on some current corps members' floor and trying to find housing, along with seeing my school and meeting with my principal during the rest of the week. Then Sunday morning I'll head to Memphis to catch a flight back to Houston for a mandatory week-long Math/Science seminar. It will almost certainly be valuable, but having to leave for a week won't make transitioning to a new community any easier. My parents want to know when to make the five hour drive to bring my furniture from home, and I can't give them a definite answer because I don't know with certainty that I'll be able to find housing this week.

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