Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The intersection of cheap, lazy, and bored.

I want to go see The Dark Knight. I watched Batman Begins with my dad on opening night, during a heady summer when I spent many a Friday night at the movies decompressing after organic chem tests, and it was fantastic so I've been eager to see if The Dark Knight will live up to its promise. Now my dad and brother are raving about the movie, and everyone around me has either seen it or is trying to carve out some time time to do so. Tonight for the first time in weeks, I have absolutely nothing productive I ought to be doing, no lessons to plan, papers to grade, or houses to go see. It would be the perfect opportunity to head to the movies, except that I'm in a strange city with no car, not interested in trying to negotiate an unfamiliar bus system alone at night, and feeling far too broke to spring for cab fare and a ticket.

Fortunately, the internet connection at Rice is much faster than the one at University of Houston so I can spend the evening watching Firefly on Hulu instead.

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Blubba said...

I love Firefly! Haven't seen Dark Knight, but really, can DK be any better? Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Check itunes if you haven't. Definitely worthwhile.