Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The new teacher meeting thing wasn't quite a resounding success. I'd thought we'd be getting our contracts, but it turned out that we were just filling out applications and miscellaneous paperwork. Worse yet, it looks like there probably isn't a 403(b) plan at all! There were forms for the state teacher pension program, but nothing about defined contribution plans, and current teachers in the district haven't heard of one being offered.

This doesn't change my plans to save as much as I can during these next two years, but it does force me to reassess my savings goals. What exactly are my priorities after I max out my Roth each year? Am I saving for retirement in taxable accounts? Building up a larger cash cushion for grad school? Trying to amass a down payment for a house purchase that may be a decade hence? I wish I had a better sense of direction.

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