Sunday, January 25, 2009

$47.04 remaining, 9 days left to payday, and big spending on the horizon

I'm going to be able to hold the weekend spending to the groceries and two stamps I bought yesterday. However, I've just committed myself to a very spendy next week. As we were headed back from ProSat, we passed the casino that's just across the river. As always, they were advertising their weekend seafood buffet. Long story short, Friday night there will be a group of non-drinking, non-gambling teachers headed to the casino in search of dinner. (Hey, it's a night out, and it's somewhere we probably won't run into many students.)

All you can eat casino buffets may be a relatively cheap way to get fancy food, but ours still costs $17.50. I'm going, of course, something I resolved when I realized that the big social event of last week was the three hour drive to and from ProSat. As I was talking to my mom about all this last night, she informed me, "It's ok to take money out of savings sometimes."

Absolutely, for things you've planned, emergencies, and rare opportunities. Binging on crab legs does not fall into any of those categories. If I can't pay for a night out using this month's cashflow, it shouldn't happen.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Ask for them to comp your buffet. If the first person who works there won't do it, ask someone else. Repeat as necessary.

E.C. said...

@Over the Cubicle Wall
Will they do that for non-drinking, non-gambling people who aren't staying the night in the hotel? (Seriously???) Then they would make no money on me at all. Still, if it works, that's a fabulous idea.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

When I go home to Memphis to visit, my brother and sister generally want to go to the casinos in Tunica. It has worked there for us. It has also not worked. We are pretty low rollers, and it seems to depend on how persistent you are, the mood of the person you are asking, etc. Asking doesn't hurt though.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the Bank of America is sinking its own boat but I think they want you to have those crab legs!