Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, huh...

Back in October I planned to score an extra $100 to use toward Christmas gifts by taking advantage of a promotion and opening a new fee free checking account. Then there was some snafu with Bank of America, and I wasn't able to get back into the online system to make my $25 opening deposit. I don't even know where the nearest Bank of America is so making the deposit in person didn't seem like a good option. They've been sending me bank statements for $0.00 ever since, and then life got busy so I decided it wasn't worth hassling with their customer service people. Today I looked at Friday's mail and discovered a letter from BoA thanking me for doing business with them and a $100 check.

Is there any reason I shouldn't deposit this? Can they come after me months from now when they realize I didn't actually meet the terms of the promotion? I know that you can't just take the money and run in bank errors where they mistakenly deposit someone else's money in your account, but this doesn't seem to fall into quite that category. The letter said in fine print that they're reporting the one hundred bucks to the IRS and I'll be responsible for the taxes so I assume a 1099-INT with be forthcoming soon. Maybe I'll wait until I head home next month, take the letter and check by one of their branches, and close out the checking account while I'm at it.