Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Snow" day

We've caught the southernmost end of that system that's making its way across the country. It rained a lot yesterday and then resumed raining last night, when it didn't quite get down to freezing. Then this morning a light, pretty snow dusted the grass and trees while turning slushy on the roads. The predictions were for the temperature to drop a few more degrees this morning, but I checked the closing lists on the websites of both the Little Rock and Memphis news stations at 5:00 and again at 6:30 and we weren't on them. I headed out on roads that were wet and slightly slushy, but totally fine.

Then I arrived at school to find the parking lot empty, the lights off, and the building locked. It's probably not so good to announce school closings at 6:40 when the school day starts at 7:20, but I'm still excited about the (unnecessary) day off. It'll probably save me a bit of money, too. It was a busy morning so breakfast consisted of one piece of raisin bread grabbed on the way out the door and I didn't get a lunch packed. Today I was planning to stay after school to help a student polish her scholarship application, and I know I would have been starving if I'd waited to eat until I got home so I probably would have caved and bought a school lunch or some fast food. (I really must replenish my supply of healthy snacks at school.) Instead, I can lounge around the house for a bit and then make waffles.


Anonymous said...

That used to happen to me. Except they usually open our building anyway, so I would get there and there would be an announcement over the PA that we were closed, or another teacher who also didn't get the call would tell me.

We used to use a phone tree and I would get called really late. That was the problem. Not only do I live in another county from my school, I leave extra-early to arrive extra-early. Once I learned to turn on my cell phone before leaving the house, my husband could call me and I would turn around, partway to school.

This year they do a very good job of putting the announcement on the district website and we have an automated call system that calls a lot of people at once. Now my call comes at 5:10 AM, which is much earlier than I leave the house, and today I got the news from the website before getting the call!

It is pretty icy here today, so I think it is a good plan for them to have called off school! Besides, now I can get a lot of grading done!

down side up & right side in said...

Your frugality is making me begin to feel quite sorry for you.....

Revanche said...

Yay for snow days! Never have had one before, but it'd be nice if they revised the system so you don't have to trek in only to turn back around.

E.C. said...

@ Down side up & right side in
Why feel sorry for me? I got a lot more pleasure out of piping hot waffles at my kitchen table than I would have grabbing a rushed lunch out.

Also, while I usually do track my spending, I'm not usually this obsessive about every choice to spend. I just had a decidedly un-frugal couple of weeks at the start of the month and am trying to clean up the mess and stay within budget overall by being extra careful.

Confused said...

Same thing happened to me this morning! I teach in Memphis and drove 30 mins. to get to work just to hear on the radio that MCS has finally closed schools for the day. I was watching the news all morning and was/am so mad they announced it so late.