Saturday, January 24, 2009

$53.54 left and 10 days until payday

I bought lunch at school on Thursday. Alas, the baked chicken, which was succulent and perfectly seasoned last time, a triumph of school cafeteria food, was dried out and flavorless. The groceries are holding out remarkably well, but I need to replenish my supplies of a couple of things. Also, I've had a yen for McDonald's hashbrowns for days now so I'll probably either cave and do a fast food run in the morning or buy a big package of the frozen ones to pop in the toaster oven so I can have them whenever I feel like it. (The more frugal but less healthful choice, no doubt.) If I want to pay our electric and gas bills, which are already accounted for as money spent, I'll need stamps.

Thanks to the kindness of a second year TFA who offered to let Roommate and me ride along with her for tomorrow's three hour round trip to ProSat, our mandatory professional development, I can put off buying gas a little longer than I'd expected. So far, so good.


Revanche said...

I much love the frozen potato treats of hash browns and tator tots ... I bought a five pound bag of the tots on sale for $5 last month and was in breakfast heaven for weeks.

E.C. said...

Yum, I think it was actually your post about tator tots for breakfast on stressed out mornings that got me thinking along these lines in the first place. I wish we had room in the freezer for a five pound bag.