Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Grocery shopping with my kid brother

I love my brother. He's almost twenty, and he's slowly turning into a really neat person. For a while during our teenage years, I doubted whether we'd ever get along, but these days we quite enjoy one another's company. We still have big, loud, frightening fights sometimes, but we also have long, joyful, rambling conversations. After a long, trying day there's something very soothing about macaroni and cheese and silly sitcoms with the one other person on the planet who'll ever fully understand all of the weird family stuff.

As much as I love my brother, I probably shouldn't grocery shop with him. We're diametrically opposed when it comes to money. He firmly espouses the view that you should go ahead and spend on things that will increase your short-term happiness. He isn't totally profligate and does have some savings, but my brother doesn't seem to have a problem with embracing his acquisitiveness. He tries to get me to lighten up about both money and life, and I'm afraid he's making some progress on the money front. When I shopped with him, I spent about ten dollars more than usual and got a bit less food. It was very nearly worth it.

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