Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm starting to actively dislike my budget.

My budget simply isn't working. I left out too many important categories, some by choice, others without thinking. I concluded that I own too much clothing already and left that out of the spending plan, but the sneakers I've been wearing for the past three years have developed holes. Forgetting entertainment entirely wasn't the best move either. Randy and the Mob sounds quite funny so I wish I'd planned for the cost of an occasional movie ticket.

Should I revisit my plan? It would be nearly impossible to cut back in other areas to fund such spending since there isn't much wiggle room as it is so the overall result would be additional expense. If I really want to, I can forge ahead with the budget I've already made. It covers the true necessities. It'd feel like a little bit of a failure to cave in and spend more. Self-discipline is something to cultivate. At the same time, all of this scrimping with no bigger goal in mind feels pointless. Isn't part of the point of diligently saving that you can occasionally enjoy your money? Less than a week ago, I was able to write a check for $10,000 for a cd, but my budget makes me feel broke.


English Major said...

EC, I'd definitely revisit the plan. You have to be able to go to the movies occasionally, and you have to be able to replace clothing that no longer does the job. If you can't do those things, your budget isn't working for you.

Amy said...

I agree that the plan needs to be revisited. I've painted myself into the same corner before.

Can you recategorize your tutoring money as "fun money", or get Mom to buy your shoes? I always feel like a failure when I have to admit the plan didn't work, so I'm trying to propose "outs"

E.C. said...

Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to have to reassess my savings goals for the semester.

mapgirl said...

Budgets are evolving creatures and make sure you have some fun planned in your budget so you don't feel guilty just for going to the movies. That's just asking for a crazy splurge that really breaks the bank.