Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm out of money. Now what?

Yep, the spending last week got a little crazy. Overspending on groceries combined with the unwise decision to take a friend out to dinner mean I've overshot my budget by a lot. If I want to be certain of covering rent and electricity without spending more than 1/5 of this semester's housing funds, I essentially need to refrain from spending any money on anything else until after Halloween. [curses under breath]

Things aren't really as dire as all that. As my brother pointed out last night, I've got additional stipend money I was planning on saving and thus didn't include in the budget. In addition, as soon as I go home to get my social security card I can pick up my (small) paycheck for my side job for my adviser from last month. However, the budget should have been entirely manageable, as I demonstrated last month.

I was stupid. I messed up. I should live with the consequences. I think I've got enough food that I can keep grocery spending to a bare minimum for two weeks while I eat down my pantry and freezer. It doesn't sound like fun at all. Please remind me why I'm doing this.

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