Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September spending

I've used Pearbudget to calculate the final spending numbers for September, and I think I like it a lot so far. Before I state the numbers, I should include a disclaimer: I'm not totally self-supporting. My parents pay for car insurance and gasoline, have me on their health insurance plan, and feed me whenever I'm home, which seems to be quite a lot the past couple of weeks. In addition, my mother keeps trying to buy food for me, and occasionally I cave and accept a hunk of cheddar and some mini pizzas rather than fighting with her when she shows up at my front door with a bag of groceries.

$410 rent
$83.61 utilities (includes landline phone, electricity, water, sewer, trash service)
$59.05 groceries
$8.36 dining out
$23.51 personal (hygiene and grooming items, high this month due to coupons and sales which made it advantageous to stock up on some items)
$6.43 household (laundry detergent and windshield washer fluid this month)
$5 miscellaneous (club dues)
Total Spent $595.51


$626.80 scholarship (1/5 of semester housing funds)
$90 tutoring
$5 American Consumer Opinion
$0.12 the one and only time a reimbursement for school expenses I've submitted has ever resulted in a check for more than I paid rather than less
$0.01 found on ground
Total Income $721.93

In making these calculations, I ignored the school expenses and subsequent reimbursement, except for the extra twelve cents they gave me. I didn't count the wages for the work I did for my adviser since I haven't been paid yet. I also didn't include the interest earned on my savings since I've decided I'll count that as income whenever I receive a bank statement and I did not receive one for September.

Ok, I think I can quit pondering whether it's ok to buy a pack of gum when I go grocery shopping.

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