Saturday, October 6, 2007

Impulsive money moves

Yeah, wild and crazy girl that I am, I changed my plan for what to do with the money I transferred out of my savings account. After getting rate sheets from a slew of banks, it became apparent that I could do as well locally as I could with ING. I ultimately and, I admit, somewhat rashly decided to put the entire sum into a seven month cd instead of creating a ladder. This way all of my assets will be liquid again just before I graduate. Since I am somewhat uncertain where life will take me after that, it seemed not unreasonable to want to be able to access all of my money. I may end up kicking myself in May if I don't need to spend the money and rates plummet, but it seemed like a less than terrible decision this morning. Or at least, like a better long term decision than blowing all of the money on a used Miata. Darn responsibility.

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